ST Wireless V1

This is my first open source design and software . I wanted a wireless remote control for my ST1000 but didn’t fancy paying £300+ for an official one. From Documentation available online I was able to design a circuit that interfaced with the SeaTalk bus.

Remote Control
Allows remote control of all classic raymarine seatalk auto pilots. Buttons on remote are assignable based on preference using web app .

Mobile Phone Connection
A remote control while it’s primary function is not it’s only feature . Using an ESP32 means the device has WIFI/Bluetooth capability and this has been utilized in the software currently to manage the settings but also allows any web device (phone/tablet) to control raymarine autopilots as well as the 433mhz remote.

A feature that is under currently under development at time of writing is the ability to connect over wifi /TCP/IP such applications as OPEN CPN . This transposes Sea Talk messages to NMEA 183 and sends them over a tcp/ip link.

Updates/New Features
There are a lot of possibilities with the hardware and as it’s open source everyone is welcome to contribute to the enhancement of the underlying software. Having an ESP32 opens up a lot of comms over Bluetooth/WIFI and having a Sea Talk interface and examples should allow many features to be added in the future.


ST4000,ST4000+,ST5000,ST5000+,ST6000,ST6000+,ST6001,ST6001+,ST6002,ST6002+,ST7000,ST7000+,ST7001+,ST7002,ST7002+,ST8001,ST8001+,ST8002,ST8002+RayPilot 650


ST3000,ST4000,ST5000,ST6000,ST7000,Autohelm Sport pilot,Autohelm Sport pilot +

Type 100,Type 300,Type 150,Type 400,S1000,Sport pilot,sport pilot +,Smartpilot: S1,S1G,S2,S2G,S3,S3G,SP1,SPX5,SPX10 ,SPX30,SPX40,ST70P

ST60 Speed + Tri Data Displays (Timer)

Also works with newer autopilots with additional adapter for Seatalk 1 to Seatalk NG

Evolution EV100 , 150, 200 , 300 & 400

How to get a ST Wireless Controller box?
As this is an open source project source code , circuit design and STLs for the box are all available for free these can accessed on github. I am selling circuit boards and pre-made boxes all ready to use in the shop on the site.

You can support me and this project by buying circuit boards or a pre-made one from me directly , purchase the components using affiliate links on the build instructions/ GitHub or send a donation via donation page .

With your support I can spend more time working on these and new project. Thank you in advance!

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